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"Coffee truly became a nostalgic experience. [...] I wanted to share coffee experiences such as theses with others."


After working in coffee houses and admiring their brick wall aesthetic for many years, we thought it was time to bring the coffee house experience to you. So we put the brick wall in our name and strapped the coffee to the bar.

Our goal is to provide, not just a great cup of coffee, but an aesthetically pleasing experience for you and your guests. We put a lot of thought into our bar for each event and always strive to be a step above. We are committed to working towards bettering our environmental impact and caring for others. This commitment translates into using only organic, fair trade, local coffee beans, and plant-based products. As an eco-conscious business, we aim to use recyclable products and are always on the search for ways to produce less plastic waste.

The art of coffee is a passion of ours and we hope it shows.

Invite us to your next event and let us inspire your guests with our handcrafted coffee bar. 

The Woman Behind The Bar


Founder | Coffee Slinging Basrista | Momtrepreneur

Growing up I watched my parents and grandparents brewing espresso in a greca (Moka pot) on the stove. They poured the dark aroma filled liquid into mugs full of warm milk, and spoonfuls of sugar. This is where coffee truly became a nostalgic experience. This simple artisanal way of brewing espresso is dear to my heart, and I wanted to share coffee experiences such as these with others.

My barista journey began fifteen years ago in Culpeper, VA. I was taught the art of coffee at a local coffee house run by family friends.  I learned to truly appreciate each cup of coffee and all the hands that made it just right. Good coffee doesn't just come from how you brew it. It starts in the soil where it's grown. The hands of the families that cultivate the plants and harvest their fruit. The workers who make sure the beans are washed and dried just right before shipping them to roasting facilities. The roasters and the time it takes to perfect the roast of each bean according to its origin. How roasting the beans is really an art of highlighting the best flavors.


The love for coffee helped to form a business that allows me to share this art with others, one cup at a time. 

Special thanks to these talented women for photos on this website

@forestheartphoto  @foreveryoung